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The History

Cantine Patrì has solid roots, a tenacious story that was born in the territory of Butera in 1936, when Rocco Paterna gave life to the farm, it was then the son-in-law Giuseppe Patrì who took the reins with foresight and determination.

And with the same determination, years later, his son Rocco and his wife Patrizia with their children Giuseppe, Elisa and Daniela, decided to enhance the extraordinary wine heritage of Butera, allocating a third of the two hundred and fifty hectares of property to the production of wines.

Today the company is the pride and ambassador in the world with its labels, the expressive liveliness of the DOC Riesi, the DOC Sicily and the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG.

 Quality classifications that have a distinctive value in the wine world, but also a transparency tool for consumers and a legislative means of fundamental importance to safeguard and enhance the territory and the agricultural traditions. Cantine Patrì is continuously looking for an increasingly higher quality standard of all company products, has a respectful vision of the environment, a rigorous management of the vineyards that does not renounce research and experimentation to tell the territory and its extraordinary plants with excellence, and raise the quality level of each individual label.

The reason that pushed the Patrì family to make wine is to be found in the vocation of the lands and grapes which, combined with the expert hand of man, is now able to arouse suggestions that only Sicily can offer and interpret consumers needs oriented towards quality, elegant, well-structured and Mediterranean red and white wines.

Cantine Patrì is a thriving company, present in the territory of Caltanissetta, with 50 seasonal employees and a team of specialized agronomist technicians who closely follow all the stages of cultivation and production.

The favorable climate, the interesting and varied heritage of vines with their high value in chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics, represent a great opportunity to broaden horizons and compete at the highest levels.


The soils that distinguish the farm are regosols from clayey rocks, vertisols and brown clayey and calcareous soils. These characteristics give wines great structure, intense pigmentation with compact and deep coloration, complex olfactory sensations, good acidity, softness and longevity so as to be highly appreciated also by Northern European and overseas consumers.


The farm, which boasts several acquisitions, covers approximately 250 hectares, a third of which is cultivated with vineyards with the varieties of Nero d’Avola, Frappato, Syrah, Catarratto, Insolia, Grillo, Zibibbo, all vines of the Sicilian and international oenology.


The remaining part of the company is dedicated to the cultivation of fruits such as peaches, apricots, Italy grapes, Red Globe grapes, seedless grapes and quality pears.

The olive trees, another pride of the farm, represent the Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Nocella Etnea and Moresca varieties.

A sustainable agriculture

Cantine Patrì was born from the love for the land and a deep-rooted wine history.

The environment is considered a real production factor, an element to be considered at the basis of the entire work. That’s why the company is dedicated to the protection of the environment and its specificities.

The entire production of Cantine Patrì is part of a harmonious project that starts from the meticulous care of the processes, to the choice of the best bunches up to the cellar where a meticulous control of all phases begins with modern and respectful vinification processes.

The company invests in research and scientifically valid early diagnosis with professional consultants and favours the use of sustainable products and organic methods; each sector has obtained important certifications: Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice), ISO 14001, ISO14064, ISO 14046 and ISO 50001.

And all under the supervision of the oenologist Antonio Landolfi, who, with skillful creativity, has been able to combine the knowledge of the vines with the most innovative fermentation and vinification techniques.

Cantine Patrì, which has been doing business with tenacity and initiative for more than eighty years, believes that the rational use of the resources of a territory, among the best in the world for the culture of the vine, can lead to the production of quality grapes and birth of great wines.

It has chosen photovoltaics for the production of electricity to be used in the cellar and for the extraction of water from the subsoil and uses eco-sustainable environmental management methods.

The work at the farm is based on integrated crop protection, defined by Legislative Decree 150/2012, a work philosophy focused on the prevention of plant diseases using non-chemical, but technical – agronomic methods.

Wine vineyards have been managed organically since 2019, a work that will lead to the acquirement of the organic certification for grapes and wines.

We respect the yield of soils and plants and protect water and soil resources with the use of products with a lower environmental impact.

And all this without ever forgetting market trends and the needs of those who today want to find an experience in wine that involves the senses and never gives up on a quality tasting.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria, the only DOCG in Sicily, is composed of a blend of Nero d'Avola and Frappato. Inside, the body and longevity characteristics of Nero d'Avola and the elegant and juicy characteristics of Frappato, integrate beautifully. The olfactory picture is complex and expresses great structure and character.
technical sheet
An exclusive, powerful, elegant and structured wine, with thick and smooth tannins. In the mouth it is large and harmonious, rightly savory with a very long final persistence. The typical characteristics of the grape clearly emerge at the nose, pleasantly enriched by spiced and toasted hints.
technical sheet
This wine best expresses the particular characteristics of the grape with which it is produced. It is a singular red wine with sweet tannins, fresh and crunchy fruity aromas that make it very pleasant to taste. In the mouth you immediately perceive the splendid juiciness and freshness which very well support a delicate tannic texture.
technical sheet
A wine of absolute value and prestige, with typical, elegant and complex aromas. Its delicately spiced aromatic notes, reminiscent of black pepper and cocoa, are released in the glass. The structure is balanced with docile and elegant tannins that offer a pleasant taste experience.
technical sheet
A warm and structured wine, particularly elegant with ripe tannins and a typical minerality to be tasted in combination with important meat dishes. It has a particularly rich and elegant bouquet with red fruit notes and floral and spicy hints
technical sheet
A wine that is a champion in structure and perfumes that will give moments of great pleasure and conviviality. It opens with fresh fruity scents and hints of aromatic herbs. In the mouth it releases its measured structure in which the soft components are perfectly integrated and balanced by the pleasant freshness and minerality.
technical sheet
An elegant and extremely drinkable wine. In the glass it releases a sensual and wide aromatic range, reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruit, enriched with notes of aromatic plants and a subtle minerality. Tasting is warm, soft, savory, with a retro-olfactory appeal that brings back the aromatic notes perceived by the nose.
scheda tecnica
An eclectic wine that can be enjoyed from the aperitif to the whole meal. It goes well with seafood dishes and the typical flavors of Sicilian cuisine. The taste is fresh and balanced, with a pleasant lively note and a subtle perlage that gives liveliness and great drinkability. The aromas are fresh and fruity with pleasant notes of Mediterranean scrub and aromatic herbs.
technical sheet
The typical notes of Nero d'Avola are displayed with great elegance. In the mouth it is powerful, structured, the favorite son of its territory of origin. The drinkability is generous and its tannins are rich, smooth, giving a great cleansing. It leaves a long olfactory taste persistence that clearly recalls the notes perceived on the nose.
technical sheet
A wine that expresses itself with harmony, pleasant freshness and a slightly savory finish that gives deep drinkability. The nose is complex and typical with strong Mediterranean notes of citrus and orange blossom flowers, enlivened by subtle and elegant aromas of sage and elderberry.
technical sheet
The haughty and elegant character of Chardonnay is enhanced in this sparkling wine with Charmat method that in the glass emanates rich fresh and lively notes. Its aromas rise impetuous and wild, like forceful sea waves that break on the cliffs of the ancient coastal Falconara Castle.
technical sheet
The Cru of the company that comes from a severe and rigorous manual harvest. The olfactory picture is very rich: red fruit notes in alcohol, black cherry jam and toasted notes emerge. In the mouth it is a triumph of power and softness supported by noble and docile tannins.
technical sheet
From a grape typical and characteristic of Sicily, we obtain this elegant and structured wine that contains the very essence of the homeland to which it is dedicated. The Frappato is enhanced in this modern pink version that highlights the best characteristics of this variety, giving us a riot of aromas and flavours that brings to mind the indigenous colours and aromas of Trinacria.
technical sheet

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